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Danielle the Science Gal

I learned about OpenWetWare from Purdue NSF Quantitative Physiology Scholarship Class, and I've joined because I'm a Purdue NSF Quantitative Physiology Scholar, and need to edit our page on OpenWetWare.


I am currently a student in my third year at Purdue University. My expected time of graduation is Spring 2011, with a Major in Industrial Management, Minor in Industrial Engineering, and two certificates, one in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and the second in DiversiKey.

I spent my first year at Purdue in the mandatory “First-Year Engineering” Program. I then was accepted as one of about 70 students into the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering. Although I enjoyed BME, I felt that I have always been a favorite of the entrepreneurial side of life. My current career goals are to open Biomedical Engineering companies world-wide.

I am in the Purdue NSF Quantitative Physiology course because I want to stay connected with the engineering and science world, as well as keep close to current research and the people who work in the labs, because they will be the people I help to open their own companies one day.

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