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Operon Lux Modeling

  • The model was done in simbiology. It is used Mass Action as kinetic law. The following reactions are considered.
    • LuxD + RCO -> RCOOH
    • LuxE + RCOOH + ATP + NADPH + LuxC -> PPi + AMP + NADP + RCHO
    • LuxAB + FMNH2O2 + RCHO -> FMN + LIGHT + RCOOH
  • It is important to take into account the limitating molecules: O2, ATP, NADPH, FMNH2 (Independent reactions where these are used). It is needed the initial or basal concentration of each and how the bacteria restores them.


It is necesary to review CcaS.

To Do

Read: "Cyanobacteriochrome CcaS regulates phycoerythrin accumulation in Nostoc punctiforme, a group II chromatic adapter"