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χρόνος πέρασμα June 12th 2011


  • Ph. vulgaris bat477 with the 4 different inocula were put, wraped and with the cap, inside the culture room.

  • Today I put sterile caps to all those flasks with Ph. vulgaris that had grown enough (grown above the neck of the flask so the cap wouldn't trap the leafs). All the flasks were ready but 6: numbers 1,5 and 6 from the wild-type inoculum; number 6 from the control (no rhizobia inoculation); number 6 from the M4 R. etli mutant strain; and number 2 from the CFNX4 R. etli mutant strain. I will come tomorrow morning to check if these are ready. I wraped all the flasks with black plastic in order to let the roots in a dark environment just as they are found naturally beneath the soil. All the flasks were put in the culture room, tomorrow Ivonne will help me do the flasks sorting between the greenhouse and the culture room.
  • It is worth noting that half the replicates from the wild-type inoculum hadn't grown to this point, significant difference among the other experiments. Is it that the mutant strains are more easily accepted by the plant?