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First steps on GitHub

Right after starting a new repository at, I got the following screen, whose instructions I followed. <html> <div id="next_step" class="standard_form"> <h2>Global setup:</h2> <pre> Download and install <a target="_blank" href="">Git</a> git config --global "Your Name" git config --global <a href="">Add your public key</a> </pre> <h2>Next steps:</h2> <pre> mkdir Open-Research-Proposals cd Open-Research-Proposals git init touch README git add README git commit -m 'first commit' git remote add origin git push -u origin master </pre> <h2>Existing Git Repo?</h2> <pre> cd existing_git_repo git remote add origin git push -u origin master </pre> <h2>Importing a Subversion Repo?</h2> <pre> <a href="">Click here</a> </pre> <h2>When you're done:</h2> <pre> <a href="">Continue</a></pre> </div> </html>

Adding an additional file

The sequence

git add git-test-file.txt 
git commit -m "test file" git-test-file.txt 
git pull
git push

resulted in .