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The evolution of the Library of Open Science

  • A thought experiment on the future of science publishing and libraries, available also via YouTube:


  • At the beginning was the Library: L.
  • The concept proliferated, and after a while, some of them became open to the public: +P.
  • Yet later, science came into play: +S.
  • Soon, Libraries of science started: S ==> LoS.
  • The two types of libraries started to interact: PL LoS.
  • The Public Libary of Science was started: PLoS.
  • Yet it actually started out as just a Public Library of Science Papers (ignoring the Public Libraries of notebooks and blogs, for instance): +P.
  • Public Library of Open-Access Science Papers, to be precise: +OA.
  • Yet there is no scientific argument for writing papers any more: -P.
  • Access to the scholarly literature is just one aspect of science that needs to be open; we need Open Process Science: OA ==> OP.
  • If the whole process is open, that would be true Open Science: -P.
  • Thanks to the Openness, there is a capital O in there already, so the small auxiliary one can be dropped: -o.
  • Open science is public by default anyway, so no need to state the obvious: -P.
  • Let's get started (in German)!

Note: Uploading problems — mov and avi versions were too small for Vimeo.