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PubMed search by license

  • Today, a search for review articles entered into PubMed over the last two years that are available in PubMed Central ([Entrez%20Date]%20:%20%222010/09/10%22[Entrez%20Date]%29%20AND%20evolution%20AND%20review%20[pt]%20AND%20pubmed%20pmc%20local[sb]%20AND%20loprovpmc[sb]) gave 507 results.

Of these, the following were clearly labeled as licensed Open in the sense of the Open Knowledge Definition:

PMC2866484 PMC2866473 PMC2876149 PMC2860493 PMC2873489 PMC2873266 PMC2873358 PMC2910039 PMC2822523 PMC2806018 PMC2810222 PMC2790610 PMC2806266 PMC2809051 PMC2789583 PMC2842710 PMC2842698 PMC2842700 PMC2842709 PMC2777377 PMC2793248 PMC2795471 PMC2757907 PMC2756590 PMC2756585 PMC2756242 PMC2745564 PMC2739293 PMC2761381 PMC2760464 PMC2743850 PMC2747912 PMC2781864 PMC2781857 PMC2781862 PMC2781859 PMC2751747 PMC2733748 PMC2725275 PMC2714672 PMC2707010 PMC2864453 PMC2679206 PMC2679056 PMC2667492 PMC2656552 PMC2649930 PMC2647548 PMC2604891 PMC2666660 PMC2657765 PMC2585586