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Preparing Broth


During this lab session, solutions LB Broth were prepared. A solution of Ampicilin was prepared to be added to the broth and agar.


1. The correct concentration for dissolving LB Broth Media into water is 25g per liter of water.

- For the 1L LB Broth solution, 25g of LB Broth Media were dissolved into 1L of water

- For the 25mL LB Broth solution, 0.625g of LB Broth Media were dissolved into 25mL of water

The solution are placed in the autoclave at 121 degrees C for an hour.

2. In order to prepare the ampicilin solution, 100mg of Ampicilin Sodium Salt were dissolved into 1mL of sterilized water. This solution was prepared in a sterilized eppendorf tube using sterile equipment.

3. Once the solutions cool, 1mL of the ampicilin solution is added to the LB solution