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  1. Ocean Optics was used to perform continuous absorbance spectra in order to observe hemoglobin activity
    1. Solutions were prepared to run the Ocean Optics tests
      1. 3.0285mg of Tris were dissolved in 0.5L H2O, and pH was adjusted to 7.5 using 1N Hydrochloric acid
      2. 870.5mg of Sodium Dithionite were dissolved in 500mL of Tris buffer
  2. Both solutions were debased by placing a Nitrogen line in the solutions for a few hours
  3. The data was collected then analyzed


Graph showing how pure hemoglobin changes over time in the presence of Sodium Dithionite

- This graph will be used as a basis for comparison of the nano particles coated with Hemoglobin

Graph showing absorbance changes in alpha hemoglobin nanoparticles over time

- In this graph we notice that the peak at around 400nm decreases but no new peak is formed, which suggests that something isn't right.

Graph showing absorbance changes in beta hemoglobin nanoparticles over time

- In this graph we can see activity in the Beta-Method Hemoglobin coated AuNPs