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Oscilloscope Lab

  • Learning how to use a digital oscilloscope

Setting Up: I got an oscilloscope called Tektronix TDS 1002 and a function generator called wavetek. I got a BNC cable to connect the generators output to channel one of the ocilloscope. The output that I used for the wavetek generator is called 2vp-p. I then adjusted the frequency to 200Hz in the generator.

Measuring the Sine Wave:

1) Counting Grid Lines

 peak-peak voltage=6.01V, frequency=203.7Hz

2) Using Cursors

 peak-peak voltage=6.00V, frequency=204.1Hz

3) Using Measure

 peak-peak voltage=6.08V, frequency=203.7Hz


AC Coupling

 Fall time=122.0ms with cursors, and 117.8 with measure