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Intent: This project is intended to dissect a section of soil derived from a predefined ecosystem located on the American University, in the Garden plot (picture 1).

Overview: The AU garden has a total of 20 bins, proportionally spread through the garden approximately 100 by 100 feet in diameter. The bins chosen in section four are in the western portion of the garden, which contain the individual bins of: F-6, F5, D-3, E-1, E-2, storage shed, and a compost pile to the north of the shed. A dirt sample was taken from the E-1 bin, which has active tomato plants growing. Approximately 12 grams of the soil was measured back in the lab and mix with .1 grams of dry milk, and then added to a plastic mason jar with 500 mililiters of water and left open to the air.

Observations: During the initial interaction at the transect site, a 20 by 20 foot section of land was chosen and determined that the parameters for observations throughout the three week experiment would derive testable results from the collected data. Components of this ecosystem at first observation were both living (biotic) and nonliving (abiotic). These observations include:

Aboitic: mint plants, lavender plants, tomato plants, weeds, soil, grass, sunflowers

Biotic:' boards (wood), plastic shed, plastic hose, chemicals in soil, shovel, tennis ball, wheelbarrow, flower pot

Aerial Overview of Garden.png

Photo of Transect.jpg