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Current Work

  • redesign of optical trap
- use cage system for more robust setup 
- integrate visible laser for easier alignment
- compress beam expander and enclose in tube
- use new stages

Completed Tasks

  • new stages for the optical traps (motors are too week for current stages)
  --measure step sizes with particle tracking software
  --verify that data is correct

Graphx.jpg Graphy.jpg Graphxnoweight.jpg Graphysansweight.jpg

  • built new light sources for optical traps and DNA melting lab

  • making boxes for new optical traps

  • building new optical trap

  • 20.309 optical trapping lab

Spinning e coli.JPG

  • upgrading Stokes VI
   allow enough time for the transient response before collecting data

  • integrating power meter in QPD alignment VI


-combined the two with a 'sequence structure'

  • troubleshooting 'wind' trap
 -faulty QPD.  Does not output (0,0) when there is no light.

Future Goals

  • Design new instument for boltzman constant lab
- fab new cantilevers
- implement range of cantilever lengths
- calibration done by heating cantilever with laser 
- try various viscosity environment

Possible Projects

  • redesign mounting for optical trap's circuit boards
  • use PSD instead of QPD and redesign board