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Hello Che345,

Below is a bunch of presentations and summaries

Chris and Bill Using Zero Mode Waveguides to examine single molecule enzyme kinetics. ZMW only allows for the progation of light from a certain angle and there is no bled through. As a result, we can reduce the observation volume down to zeptoliter amounts. Thus, a single molecule substate will have a very high effective concentrations. Combining this with FRET, we can obtain a single molecule understanding of an enzyme.

David Abram and Lewis Marshall Investigating Quantum Cutting using Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Quantum cutting materials can be used to tune the energy of photons impinging on a solar cell. By studying the kinetics of energy transfer from an absorbing species to the emitting species, and the kinetics of energy dissipation, it may be possible to screen materials for further development.

Ingrid and Arjun

Natalie and Travis