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Photography: First Light

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Crater Lake Twilight.JPG Crater Lake Twilight (Oregon)

Mount Hood Alpenglow.JPG Mount Hood Alpenglow (Oregon)

Big Sky Montana.JPG Big Sky (Montana)

Columbia River Gorge Sunrise.JPG Columbia River Gorge Sunrise (Oregon)

Eagle Creek Loowit Falls.JPG Loowit Falls at Eagle Creek (Oregon)

Mount Adams.JPG Mount Adams (Washington)

Early Light.JPG Early Light (above Oregon Cascades)

Enchantments Washington.JPG Enchantments/Alpine Lakes Region (Washington)

Enchantments Washington 2.JPG Enchantments/Alpine Lakes Region (Washington)

Flora Digitalis purpurea.JPG Digitalis purpurea (Oregon)

Flora Golden Poppy.JPG Golden Poppy (California)

Early reflections.JPG Early Reflections (Morning in Portland, OR)

Last Light Trinity Alps.JPG Last Light Trinity Alps (California)

Oregon Coast.JPG Oregon Coast (Oregon)

Portland Chinese Gardens.JPG Reflections in Portland Chinese Gardens (Oregon)

Ritter and Banner along crest of Sierra.JPG Ritter & Banner Peaks along crest of Sierra Nevada (California)

Ritter and Banner along crest of Sierra 2.JPG Ritter & Banner Peaks along crest of Sierra Nevada (California)

Shasta Moonrise.JPG Mount Shasta Moonrise (California)

Sierra Reflection in Mono Lake.JPG Sierra Reflection in Mono Lake (California)

Yosemite bridalveil falls.JPG Bridalveil falls in Yosemite (California)

Yosemite Half Dome Alpenglow.JPG Half Dome Alpenglow in Yosemite (California)

Yosemite Hetch Hetchy.JPG Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite (California)

Yosemite Tueeulala Falls.JPG Tueeulala Falls in Yosemite (California)

Overlooking Downtown PDX and St Helens.JPG Overlooking Downtown Portland and Mount St Helens (Oregon)

Traversing the Sound.JPG Traversing the Seattle Sound (Washington)

Boston Skyline at Night.JPG Boston Skyline (Massachusetts)

San Francisco GG Bridge.JPG Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (California)

San Francisco Golden Glow.JPG Golden Gate Bridge Glow, San Francisco (California)

San Francisco Lunch.JPG San Francisco Lunch (California)

Scotland Highlands 1.JPG The Highlands of Scotland (Scotland, UK) by J. Wentzell

Scotland Highlands 2.JPG The Highlands of Scotland (Scotland, UK) by J. Wentzell

London at Night Trafalgar Sq.JPG Trafalgar Square at night (London, UK)

London Hyde Park.JPG Hyde Park (London, UK)

London Moonrise.JPG River Thames Moonrise (London, UK)

Go Bears Pancake.JPG Go Bears Pancake!

Wilmington NC Springtime Sunset.jpg Wilmington Springtime Sunset (North Carolina)

Wilmington NC Springtime.jpg Flight of the Bumblebees in Wilmington (North Carolina)

Duke Chapel Dec 2014.jpg Duke Chapel in December 2014 (North Carolina)

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.jpg Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (North Carolina)

Bar Harbor Oct 2015.jpeg Bar Harbor Oct 2015 (Maine)

Cascade Falls Virginia.jpg Cascade Falls (Virginia)

Sunset Beach NC.jpg Sunset Beach (North Carolina)

Durham Fall 2016.JPG Sarah P. Duke Gardens Fall 2016 (North Carolina)

NorCal H2Ofall.jpg Uvas Canyon (California)

Tahoe California winter 2022.jpg Lake Tahoe (California)

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