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Chet and his wife, Michaela

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MBS Business of Bioprocessing
Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences, Claremont, CA
Spring 2014
Coursework included:

BS Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology
Minors in Business Management and Molecular Biology
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
Spring 2012
Coursework included:

  • Readings in Biotechnology: Read, reviewed, and presented current scientific literature in many fields of biotechnology. Discussed modern techniques and findings in vaccines, synthetic biology, gene therapy, cancer, and other health-related topics.
  • Advanced Microbial Physiology: Delved into the workings of microbes, focusing on the relationships between specific genes and proteins for various pathways.
  • Advanced Human Physiology: In-depth study of tissues and organ systems, focusing on homeostasis. Further discussion of pathogens and conditions that cause various imbalances.
  • Molecular Biology Lab, Microbial Genetics Lab, Mentored Research Lab: Conducted classic molecular experiments including DNA fingerprinting, site-directed mutagenesis, RNA hybridization blot, and electrophoretic mobility shift assay. Designed and executed personal research. Planned and executed research of a previously unsequenced gene from strawberry, including RNA extraction, designing primers from homologs, PCR and cloning, sequencing, and studying the gene with bioinformatic software.
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology: In-depth study of the inner workings of cells with a focus on general strategies and modern techniques of experimentation as well as interpreting data from contemporary publications.
  • Genomics and Genetics: Integrated knowledge of cellular functions with modern DNA sequencing techniques to better understand the implications of current primary literature. Solved challenging statistical and logical problems built around complicated patterns of genetic inheritance in plants, animals, and humans.
  • Organic Chemistry: Detailed study of mechanisms and trends in organic reactions.
  • Botany: Actively participated in small-group discussions regarding intricate plant functions and the critical role of plants in the biosphere. Included study of basic plant anatomy and physiology.
  • Statistics: Employed various formulas to determine the significance and probability of error of data gathered from experimentation.
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Studied how to increase outputs of organizations through organizational structure, strategy, and dynamic leadership.
  • Computer Programming: Designed and implemented original algorithms for simple programs and databases using Java platform.

Research interests

I am most interested in assembling and testing novel biological systems with practical applications in health, energy, agriculture, or manufacturing. I love the principles of synthetic biology.