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The Gayle Halperin Kahn Laboratory of Viral Onco-Therapeutics is part of the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center at Henry Ford Hospital, located in Detroit, MI. Our research focuses on the use of oncolytic herpes simplex virus for treatment of glioblastoma and metastatic lesions to the brain. We are interested in not only designing better viruses to mediate tumor destruction, but also on different delivery mechanisms to distribute virus. Please visit our Center's homepage at Hermelin Brain Tumor Center

Cathie G. Miller, PhD
Director, Laboratory of Viral Onco-Therapeutics
Hermelin Brain Tumor Center
Department of Neurosurgery
Henry Ford Health System
2799 W Grand Blvd.
E&R Bldg. Room 3096
Detroit, MI 48202
Tel: 313-916-8636
Fax: 313-916-9855