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Contact Info

Celeste N Peterson

Celeste N Peterson

Welcome to my page!

  • 2006, PhD, Princeton University
  • 1998, BS, Yale University

Mailing Address:

Suffolk University

Department of Biology

41 Temple St.Boston, MA 02114


Archer Building, Room 506

Genetics Lab:

Archer Building, Room 503 and Room 566



Lab Members

Ashley Maceli

Kristi Wynn- BS Biology May 2012 As a research assistant, Kristi has been characterizing the role of OxyR during oxidative stress in Caulobacter crescentus. She helped demonstrate that the transcription factor is necessary for the induction of a catalase enzyme after exposure to hydrogen peroxide. She has optimized the oxidative stress assay in C. crescentus, using varying concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and different growth conditions.

Ruthly François

Courses I am Teaching

  1. Molecular Genetics Bio474
  2. Molecular Genetics Lab Bio474L
  3. Genetics Bio274
  4. Genetics Lab Bio274L
  5. Principles of Biology Bio102L


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