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Make a four-lead plate


  1. Glue short wire to Teflon surface with CircuitWorks® 5 Minute Conductive Epoxy.
  2. Glue small, rectangular palladium leads on top of the wire with CircuitWorks® 5 Minute Conductive Epoxy. (arranged in the order: 2, 3, 1, 4)
    • Dimensions of palladium leads:
      • 1- 11.1 by 2.6 = 28.86mm2
      • 2- 10.8 by 3.3 = 35.64mm2
      • 3- 9.4 by 2.9 = 27.26mm2
      • 4- 9.9 by 3.3 = 32.67mm2



Leave to dry overnight.

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