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Repeat Experiment 1 from August 31. Synthesize Gold nanoparticles and take a UV spectra.


  1. Combine 1 mL of 15 μM BSA and 1 mL of 0.25mM HAuCl4 in two sample tubes.
  2. Fill one tube with 8 mL of 50 mM Acetate Buffer pH 3.6
  3. Fill the second test tube with 8 mL of water.
  4. Place in over at 80C.
  5. Take UV spectra every 30 min.


Spectrum for the Buffer mixture: Spectrasbuffer.png

Spectrum of the Buffer Mixture at 550nm: Spectrazoomedbuffer.png

Graph of the absorbance at 550nm for the Buffer mixture: 550buffer.png

Spectrum for the Water mixture:


Spectrum of the Water mixture at 550nm: Spectrazoomedwater.png

Graph of the absorbance at 550nm for the Water mixture: 550water.png


  • FInal concentration 0.25mM HAuCl4 and 1.5μM BSA in each tube.
  • Spectra taken of water and buffer samples at t=0. Placed in oven at 11:40 at 79C.
  • Spectra taken of blank water and buffer samples.
  • removed samples at 12:10. Oven temp 74C. Took UV spectra. Replaced samples in oven at 12:20, oven temp 72C
  • removed samples at 12:50. Oven temp 74C. Took UV spectra. Replace samples 1:05, oven temp 72C.
  • removed samples at 1:35. Oven temp 65C. Took UV spectra. Replaced samples at 2:08, oven temp 68C.
  • Observed purple strands floating at the top of the tubes. Proteins wrapping around nanoparticles.
  • removed samples at 2:38. Oven temp 62°C.
  • There appeared to be more of the dark purple strands in each of the mixtures. The water mixture still had more of these strands.
  • Replaced samples at 2:56. Oven temp 66°C.
  • removed samples at 3:36. Oven temp 62°C.
  • The samples were wrapped in aluminum foil and stored at room temperature.

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