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Warning Signals

  • bootstrapping models implemented
  • improved handling of model classes -- included T, t0, N, and X0 in object def
  • implemented plotting for model bootstrap
  • difficulties with changePt model fit remain. fixed one source of trouble -- no longer passes zero-length data to OU.lik() when t_shift is outside the time interval.
    • Still giving errors on coercing lists into doubles for the saddle_node bifurcation simulated data set. --fixed, was getting t_shift as a vector from time(X).

Code Tricks

Duncan pts out: the S3 mechanism is

 custom =
 function(x, y, ...)

Then that will find and use, etc. based on the class of the value of x. You can have it dispatch on a different parameter, but that is not very common. And to dispatch on the types/classes of multiple parameters, e.g. x is a numeric vector, y is a matrix, you would need to use S4.

See the setGeneric() function in R for S4 method (also compatible with S3 classes).