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Hastings Beetle Workshop

Bob Costantino and Brett Melbourne are joining us for the next two days to talk about stochastic population dynamics in Tribolium.

  • Morning Session, 9a - 11a
    • Outline the individual based model, toolbox
  • Group lunch, noon-1:30
  • My lab Presentation, 2p-3p
    • Present multidimensional linear noise approximation approach to characterizing the demographically stochastic key class.
  • Afternoon session, 3p-4p
    • Follow-up on understanding noise propagation in age structure dynamics.
  • ( Phylogenetics Workshop, 4-6:30)
  • Group dinner 7:00-9:00

(Details to be transcribed still)


  • Motivation: qualitative differences from noise -- geometric mean fitness
  • Why demographic noise is often negligible
  • Why it isn't
    • Enhancement
    • Inflation
    • transient bimodality
  • Notion of key class in age structured model
    • Crowley-based model simulation
    • Analytic approximation
  • Insights from linear noise approximation
  • Challenges: inference based and computationally based difficulties.