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  • 7:30 -- 8:30 Read article for Wainwright's 270:

Streisfeld, M.a. & Rausher, M.D. Population Genetics, Pleiotropy, and the Preferential Fixation of Mutations During Adaptive Evolution. Evolution no-no(2010).doi:10.1111/j.1558-5646.2010.01128.x

Interesting approach, methods description a little light and both prediction and interpretation of pattern of mutations in coding, cis-reg, and transcription factor sites seems a little loose. Detailed notes on article in Mendeley. More comments after the discussion section at 1pm today.

  • 8:30 -- 9:30 accepted and started reviewing article for Theoretical Ecol, review due Nov 1st. Return to later! (confidential notes in Mendeley)
  • 9:30 -- 1:00pm working on LR manuscript.
  • 1pm Wainwright's 270 on predicting evolution (Streisfeld article)
  • 2pm meet visiting student Ty at house
  • 4:30pm set up and facilitate Grad Teaching Community meeting


Manuscript scribble

Code updates

Added a "half different" painting of taxa to show problems with AIC persist even when parameters don't exceed taxa (but still vastly overparameterized). see code