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Adaptive Dynamics

Matching theoretical approximations to simulation:

  • Implemented the first analytic approximation, calculating the waiting time to complete phase 1.
  • Established dimophisms are often still lost, hence the first successful completion of phase 1 (dimorphic population in coexistence region with each above threshold size) doesn't match the time of the last completion of phase 1. Phase 2, an established third population seems to happen soon after the last successful phase 1, giving the illusion this step is easy rather than the reality that this process requires fast traversal to persist past the coexistence time.

Computing notes

  • Making sure to export the library using useDynLib(file) in the NAMESPACE and using sfLibrary eliminates the need to load the dynamic library onto each node using the method from earlier .


Evolution: iEvoBio

  • Resubmitting proposal for lightning talk focusing on the open science aspects of the proposal.
  • Discussion on stackoverflow-style site for examples of open notebook science in bioinformatics.

Misc Notes