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  • Seem to have successfully fixed the behavior when getting over parameterized models. See diffs against the git log for details.
  • Will work on acceleration of code (avoiding refitting), meanwhile a little more trouble shooting and queuing some long runs.
  • ace function fails on certain data sets for unknown reasons. Think rewriting this from scratch will be an important step.

Mixture Models in Bayesian context

  • Josh sent me this paper regarding our discussion on model choice in Bayesian context last Friday.


  • Settled on workstation, completed final pricing adjustments. Now seeking approval from Krell / CSGF.

Misc / Reading

McElreath's Class

  • Looks like a fantastic class on model choice, should sit in. Read through the slides for weeks 1 & 2 so far. Every practicing ecologist should read the week 2 presentation.

In Science today


  • Excellent science-2.0 / future of science post. Forwarded to openscience discussion group. favorite quote:

"If shoestores operated like scientists trading ideas, first Alice and Bob would need to get to know one another, maybe go for a few beers in a nearby bar. Only then would Alice finally say “you know, I’m looking for some shoes”. After a pause, and a few more beers, Bob would say “You know what, I just happen to have some shoes I’m looking to sell”. Every working scientist recognizes this dance; I know scientists who worry less about selling their house than they do about exchanging scientific information."