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New reference hiding

The [REF], [TEMPL] button toggles the new references and template hiding! (This is broken in Firefox 3.5 due to a Firefox bug.)

Wikipedia Usability Initiative

Please rate wikEd and other tools in the current extension survey of the Wikipedia Usability Initiative which tries to increase the user-friendliness of Wikipedia for new users.

Please support wikEd by voting for the following Firefox bug fixes:

  • 502527 and 503685 Break reference and template hiding in Firefox 3.5
  • 440926 Breaks web link highlighting and linkification under Firefox > 3.0. Also has the potential to break scripts in unpredictable ways.
  • 430910 Breaks conversion of links from pasted articles text into wikicode. This is why pasted wikilinks appear as web links.
  • 458524 Automatic syntax highlighting would interfere with undo/redo. The only reason why wikEd does not have automatic syntax highlighting.

Simply follow the links. Click the vote link in the bug description field (you need a Bugzilla account for this).