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Contact Info

Dr C S Grierson,

School of Biological Sciences,

University of Bristol,

BS8 1UG,


Tel: +44 (0)117 928 7480


Education and Employment

1988-1992 Sainsbury PhD Student in Plant Science, University of Cambridge

1993-1996 Post-doctoral Researcher, John Innes Centre, Norwich, Laboratory of Prof. Keith Roberts

1996-2000 Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow in Plant Science, IACR

1998-2000 Plant Developmental Geneticist, IACR

Sep 2000 Lecturer in Plant Development, University of Bristol

Aug 2004 Reader in Palnt Development, University of Bristol

Research Interests

We are interested in root hair development and differentiation. Starting with the genetic network of root hair growth, which enabled us to identify gene products of central importance, we continue to pursue several gene functions in detail whilst simultaneously using "top down" approaches to the network as a whole.

Current projects (with relevant students, research staff, and collaborators in brackets) include:

  1. The function and targets of the TIP1 S-acyl transferase (Piers Hemsley, Nick Davis, Paul Dupree, Kathryn Lilley, Shaul Yalovsky)
  2. Role and regulation of ROP small GTPases and their regulators in root hair growth (Matt Smallman, Eric Lalanne, Sarah Usher, Zhenbiao Yang)
  3. Regulation of root hair development by auxin (Angharad Jones, Colin Lazarus, Ottoline Leyser)
  4. Response of root development to the light environment (Fran Salisbury, Karen Halliday)
  5. Potential to model root hair development (Gordon Breen, Peter Green)

Selected Publications

Hemsley PA, Kemp AC, and Grierson CS The TIP GROWTH DEFECTIVE1 S-acyl transferase regulates plant cell growth in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 17: 2554–2563

Böhme K, Li Y, Charlot F, Grierson C, Marrocco K, Okada K, Laloue M and Nogué F (2004) The Arabidopsis COW1 gene encodes a phosphatidylinositol transfer protein essential for root hair tip growth. The Plant Journal 40: 5 686-698

Rentel MC, Lecourieux D, Ouaked F, Usher SL, Petersen L, Okamoto H, Knight H, Peck SC, Grierson CS, Hirt H, Knight MR (2004) OXI1 kinase is necessary for oxidative burst-mediated signalling in Arabidopsis. Nature 427: 858-861

Knox K, Grierson CS, and Leyser O (2003) AXR3 and SHY2 interact to regulate root hair development. Development 130: 5769-5777

Ketelaar T, Faivre-Moskalenko C, Esseling JJ, de Ruijter NCA, Grierson CS, Dogterom M and A M C Emons (2002) Positioning of nuclei in Arabidopsis root hairs: an actin regulated process of tip growth. The Plant Cell 14: 2941-2955

Jones MA, Shen JJ, Fu Y, Li H, Yang Z, and Grierson CS (2002) The Arabidopsis Rop2GTPase is a positive regulator of both root hair initiation and tip growth. The Plant Cell 14: 763-776

Parker JS, Cavell A, Dolan L, Roberts K & Grierson CS (2000) Genetic Interactions During Root Hair Morphogenesis in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 12:1961-1974