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About Burkhard Schulz

Burkhard Schulz is Assistant Professor of Plant Biochemical and Molecular Genetics in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Research Interests

Burkhard Schulz's laboratory is currently working on the investigation of plant immunophilins and their biological impact for plant development and plant architecture.


Burkhard Schulz's interest in teaching is in the field of plant physiology and plant growth and development. He is interested in developing novel teaching approaches and tools including digital media and mixed reality spaces. More information can be found at [1]. His work with digital video for teaching and outreach resulted in winning the first prize in the Educational Booth contest at the ASPB Plant Biology2008 meeting in Merida, Mexico. He also won together with his students a first prize in ASPB's Chlorofilms Plant Science Video competition 2009 [2] with the video "Are my soybeans wearing different genes?" [3]and a prize in the honorable mention category in the same competition with the video "Pigment" [4].

As a technical instruction how to use a pressure bomb the video "Pressure bomb" [5] was produced during the preparation of the HORT301 Plant Physiology course [6]. This video was awarded the Individual Finalist Award of the TheScientist 2009 Video Awards [7]. You can watch the winning entry here at [8].


2000 to 2011

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