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Spearfishing @ Lagos, Summer 2006...

Biological Engineering (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal)

Systems Biology PhD (Systems Biology PhD Program, Silver Lab)

PhD funding by the Gabba Graduate Program

Systems Neuroscience Post-doctoral fellow: Aravi Samuel (Harvard), Ben de Bivort (Harvard) and Janelia Farm (HHMI institute in Ashburn, Virginia)


I'm currently trying to understand the molecular basis of some behaviors in animals with simple neural networks or circuits. I decided to work with Drosophila larvae in order to use its powerful genetics to drive optogenetic analysis.

Feel free to email me at the first letter of my first name and last name at gmail.

Hobbies/Personal/Outside of Science

My homepage can be reached at and it's updated somewhat regularly. It's directly correlated with my mood and workload. :) Mostly english.

I love music, sports and all kinds of fine arts, mainly photography, the art of capturing moments in time. I have a couple of online galleries (very outdated...)

  1. Olhares' gallery - portuguese site
  2. Treklens rocks! - I especially like the idea of seeing others galleries without ratings, etc, helping you make non-biased analysis of photos

My latest photos can normally be found on facebook.