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As per the to each their own policy, I made some new PEM buffer for myself today. I used .0768 g EDTA, 4.837 g PIPES, 200 uL 1M MgCl, 185 uL DI H2O, 25 mL 1M NaOH, and 1 mL 1N HCl. I made the NaOH and HCl from stock today as well. I did run into some problems with the pH meter (I was just hitting the wrong button at the wrong time, so I had to calibrate it about 10 times, totally my fault, nothing actually wrong). But after I did finally get it wrong, I pH-ed the buffer to 6.91.

I have not autoclaved the buffer yet, but I was planning on doing so tomorrow morning, so if anyone can think of something they want to throw in there, let me know!

We are running pretty low of PIPES, so I think we should re-order some soon.