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Polymerizing Microtubules

Placed one aliquot of FITC tubulin (from -80 freezer) in the thermal cycler at 37 C for 20 minutes. Once thawed, we added 198 microliters of BRB80-T at room temperature.

Antifade Cocktail

  • 10 microliters of glucose oxidase (GOD)
  • 10 microliters of catalase (CAT)
  • 5 microliters of beta-mercaptoethanol (BME)
  • All components were stored in the freezer and thawed on ice

Antifade + Microtubules

  • 85 microliters of BRB80-T
  • 10 microliters of polymerized microtubules
  • 2.5 microliters of AF cocktail
  • 2 microliter of 1.6M dextrose

Viewing the Microtublues

We were able to look at the polymerized microtubules, first without then with the antifade solution by placing a 5 microliter drop of solution on a slide(marked with a sharpie), then sandwiched by a cover glass. The microtubules without antifade solution were visible but photobleached rapidly (5 seconds or so). After adding the antifade solution, the microtubules remained unbleached for much longer (>30 seconds).