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Goals for April 26

  • Definitively prove the worth of yoke:
    • Smooth out gap simulations
    • Model small magnets alone in contrast, 1/4 inch and 1 inch gaps
    • Create gaps in iron nail electromagnet
  • Talk to Koch about alternatives to Hall (?) sensor and power source
  • Individual and aggregated ferritin force:
    • reliable way to estimate concentration/number of ferritin in a spot
    • get units to work (inches/gradient into SI)
    • distance between magnet and protein
    • effect of glass?
  • GENERAL DIRECTION: move yoke onto microscope stage
  • EXTRA:
    • read up on physics of dipole-dipole interactions in solution
    • find and run the second of Koch's magnetic models


I am in the process of proving the worth of the yoke, and I've already noticed two things:

  1. Without the yoke, the field appears to be a exponential decay
  2. With more magnets the field strength increases

While the second point makes sense, the first one gives some credence to having the yoke, even with the permanent magnets.

I am going to analyze this data at home and post it after I finish a take home exam:

Note to self key:

  • cone and flat: cone and small cylinders
  • flat and long: leftside of complex yoke w/o bends w/ small magnets
  • iron control: control form Koch's
  • control small gap: small gap control
  • iron gap: break in right side on iron
  • two electromagnets: iron yoke's left side only
  • big control: control for 1/2" gap
  • neomag big gap: 1/2" gap on left side of complex yoke