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Good Scrub Down

Nothing too exciting today, just the lab meeting and I cleaned a good deal of the glass and plastic ware. I don't think that it will come up, but on the of chance that someone needs something before I finish it off in the morning this is how I organized it:

  • The glassware on the lab bench across from the autoclave has been washed and rinsed with the DI water. It is good to be used, it just hasn't been put in the autoclave yet.
  • Glassware and plastic ware to the right of the sink has been cleaned, but it hasn't been rinsed with the DI water yet. The glassware will be rinsed, the plastic ware is just going to sit out over night to dry.
  • Everything to the left of the sink hasn't been washed yet. This is the nastiest stuff. I'm saving it for the morning when I can really spend some time cleaning it. Just don't touch it and I'll clean it up in the morning.

Also, since it was really cool, when you look at quantum dots through the microscope, it really does look like you are looking at the night sky. I thought it was really cool, especially since I spent the first forever of my life madly in love with astronomy. Granted the quantum dots had nothing to do with astronomy, but whatever, science is science therefore it is cool. I have to remember to get a good review article on them to read when I get back on campus.