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Both Larry and Andy asked me to organize some 100 constants over the next couple of days. The are using the constants for their computer simulation, and I will post more details as time passes on to how I am going to do this. I was also hoping to organize all of the loose files that the lab has into the filing cabinet, and to post how I did this for future reference. This was spurred by having to hunt down an important folder. However, due to the scope of the project I am doing for Larry, that will probably have to wait until later.

The rough layout for the organization is that I will have a page containing all of the references that we are including, numbered in the order that I encounter them while going through the constants. I will then create as many tables as are necessary with whatever constants that I need as I go. This will be crossed with the name of the first author on the paper, and the number of the reference. After I have amassed all of the necessary constants into a series of tables, I will reorganize all of the references by author alphabetically and by year of publication. I will then reorganize the tables placing relevant information, such as step speed in nm/s and step speed in steps/sec, on the same tables and update the references to reflect the changes in the ordering.