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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

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Brett Thomas (an artistic interpretation)
  • Brett Thomas
  • Harvard College
  • Phone: 781.223.0222
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I'm a senior at Harvard College, getting a major in computer science and a minor in economics. I have no medical background, but I've recently gotten very interested in health and wellness. This summer I worked at a health IT company and really enjoyed it. I'm looking for an interesting IT-related field to get involved in when I graduate, found this course as I was surveying relevant classes.

I chose to take the class partly because of this interest in health care and partly because I really like the format of the class. I often complain that the courses I've taken are too far removed from the real world. I'm excited to see how we go about doing a project with a material impact.


  • Harvard College, 2010

Research interests

  1. None right now, hope this class helps me fill out this section...


  1. None

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