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Brandon S. Freshcorn

Brandon S. Freshcorn (an artistic interpretation)

Hi, my name is Brandon S. Freshcorn, and I'm currently at University of Virginia. I learned about OpenWetWare from George McArthur- VGEM Leader, and I've joined because I am a member of the Virginia Genetically Engineered Machine (VGEM) team. We use this wiki for group collaboration.. You can email me through OpenWetWare.

Contact Information

Mailing Address: Brandon Freshcorn University of Virginia 43 Gooch Charlottesville, VA 22904

Phone: (434) 297-5174

Personal/Lab Info

To be added at a later date.


2nd Year, BS, Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.


Richey, S.L., & Freshcorn, B.S. (2007). An Introduction to Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation for the ED. American College of Emergency Physicians- Critical Care Section Newsletter, 8, Retrieved January 29, 2008, from