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WikiaStats is a collection of wiki statistics that allows users to track the progress of their wiki's content and community.

These stats (previously found at are available on each wiki at Special:WikiaStats. We also produce a Central Wikia version at w:Special:WikiaStats which includes extra information (see #Central version for more info). The statistics are updated once a day.

Individual wiki statistics

Default local statistics view, showing the main statistics area for Muppet Wiki - this is followed by "Other statistics" and "Definitions"

Visiting Special:WikiaStats on a wiki will immediately give you the table of monthly statistics for that wiki.

Statistics table view

On this page, you can:

  • Collapse or expand the columns of data displayed (link stats and image stats are collapsed by default).
  • Refine the date range (Jan 2008 to present is shown by default).
  • Display the stats in a series of charts - "Show charts" (see more info below on charts). To switch back to the statistics table, click "Refresh data".
  • Export the statistics as a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file.

Below the main chart are a series of additional tables that dive a bit deeper into some of the numbers, loaded by clicking their titles, followed by detailed definitions for each column of data in the main table.

Chart view for FFXIclopedia, with timeline extended back to January 2006

Chart view

Choosing to generate charts will bring up a page of charts covering several colour coded topics.

  • Wikians (registered users) - orange
  • Articles (excl. redirects) - blue
  • Database - red
  • Links - green
  • Unique wikians - purple
  • Images - yellow

Each topic has several charts - you can navigate between section via the links above each chart.

The scale on the left always lists the highest peak, whilst the heights of individual bars are listed under each bar. For quick reference, each chart has a letter associated with it, from A to Y - it is shown at the top right of each chart.

Central version

Central WikiaStats page showing the Wikia Statistics tab
Central WikiaStats page showing the Comparisons tab

From the Central Wikia statistics page, found at wikia:Special:WikiaStats, you can access statistics and chart information on each wiki, and produce comparisons.

The page is split into two tabs: "Wikia Statistics" and "Comparisons".

"Wikia Statistics"

The first tab lists detailed statistics for specific wikis. The top section allows you to choose which wiki you want to view detailed charts and statistics for. The bottom section lists .xls (Microsoft Excel) files you can download for viewing.

First blue box
From here, you can choose which wiki you want to look at stats for. The box lists every Wikia, in order of size (you can switch this to alphabetical using the link under the list). As this can be difficult to navigate, you can type in a fragment of the wiki name into the search box to narrow down the list. By default, the wiki you are currently on is selected.
Next, select the wiki you want - this will show some basic details in the box to the right. You can then choose to "Show charts" or "Show statistics" - the results are covered in #Individual wiki statistics.
Second blue box
Titled "Generate XLS file for download", clicking these links will give you Excel files to download. The information in the files is the same those normally shown under "Show statistics" in the previous section, except in a downloadable spreadsheet rather than an online HTML table.
The files are specific to whichever wiki is selected in the box above.

Comparisons popup window


The second tab, labelled comparisons, allows you to generate comparisons for various statistics between different wikis. You can compare up to 59 wikis at once (along with "all wikis", which is always selected and shown).

First, you can choose whether you want to generate an XLS file or an online HTML table.
Clicking your choice will bring up a pop-up window (see right) which allows you to choose which wikis to compare. You can select up to 59 wikis.
After choosing your options, click "Generate". (If you chose to generate a table, by default this will create a new tab.)
If you choose to generate online HTML tables, you are able to switch between the different comparisons of the same wikis on the generated page.

Other notes

  • You must be logged in to view the WikiaStats page.
  • Article statistics currently only cover the main namespace (we plan to expand this to cover all "content" namespaces, which are sometimes customized on a per-wiki basis).
  • As statistics are grouped by month, remember that chart data for the current month will be incomplete.
  • With the latest release of the statistics, a number of the calculation methods have been updated to improve their accuracy. This change is retroactive, so you may notice some disparity between the old and new statistics.