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Other Efforts to Connect Wikis to External Web Services

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. I'll do my best to add references as I use some of the work done by other projects to do the same thing. If you know of specific efforts in this area that we would benefit by knowing of, post them here.

This list will be updated regularly. I will reply with how I see it relating to what we're doing if when possible.

We're concentrating on Google for a few reasons. One reason is that over 30% of all email addresses registered in OWW are gmail addresses. Anther is the fact that we're not aware of other services that provide structured document storage online for the price (free) that Google does. As an academic community, OWW also has access to up to 2000 Google accounts via the Google Apps for Academia at no charge, with the possibility of expanding that number if needed.

If anyone is away of alternative services, let us know. Google's API's and their commitment to data portability are also critical. The Google Data Liberation website shows how any information used in a Google application can be exported and used by another service or application.


(to be added)