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This page shall be my temporary sandbox where I build my little sandcastles...


Boring Links

A boring way to link to a page is just to write [[IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007]], but it looks horribly inelegant...
Yes, like this: IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007

Pipe Links

What's a pipe? It's the weird character that sticks up vertically (|)!
How do they make your links look nicer? You add a pipe to it! So you write [[IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007 | Imperial iGEM 2007]] and it'll come out as: Imperial iGEM 2007

External Links

With external links, you only need ONE square bracket and NO pipe... so it becomes [ Imperial College Webpage]... or Imperial College Webpage! Oh, do resist the temptation to click on the link just yet!

Red Links

The easiest way to create a new page is to link to it... you'll be prompted to edit it when you click on the "broken" (or red) link!


Anchoring is the process of moving around anchors on the same page, it's quite an enjoyable process if the page is too long... note that the contents page uses anchors!

Anchoring to Other Sections

To anchor to other sections, they MUST be (sub/sub-sub...)headings, simply use [[#heading name]], so if I want to jump to the "Playing with Text" subsection, I use [[#Playing_with_Text|Jump there NOW!]], and I'll end up with this Jump there NOW!!
Jumping to the top is done simply with [[#top]]... but this button doesn't work too well on Firefox...

Making Your Own Anchor

This requires a slightly tricky bit of HTML, but all you need to do is to write down <span id="MYanchor"></span> at the site of anchorage... and when you have a link [[#MYanchor|my anchor]], you'll jump to the anchor on the page! Guess where I hid my anchor!


Yes, I've just made a section!

Section in Section

It's called a subheading...

And it goes on...

And on... and on...

Of course, too many sub-sections can be rather confusing... so how is it done?



Playing with Text

If you came here from the anchor section, please jump back...

You can do a lot of things to your text depending on your mood...
bold it with '''bold'''
italicize it with ''italics''
mix them both up by combining both! '''''bold and italics'''''
You can superscript with <sup>superscript</sup>
Or subscript with <sub>superscript</sub>
Even strike through your text (why would you want to do it?) <s>strikethrough</s>
You can also underline it when you're bored! <u>underline</u>
I've never seen a single <font color="Red">coloured word</font> on wikipedia... have you seen a coloured word before?
Oh, if you really want your text to be in the center of the page, you can surround all your text with <center>yes, I want this centered</center>, and you'll get...

yes, I want this centered


Luckily, OWW has made it easier (or for some, harder) to make references... since most synthetic biology papers can be found somewhere on pubmed, OWW has devoted a special referencing system for pubmed! All you need to write is <cite>Synthetic Biology</cite>
at the point of reference, so you get, I got my idea from a paper[1] (No spaces inbetween)! But then you ask, where's the citation? Well, you still need to include a bibliography section with all the PubMed ID of the papers in it! <biblio>#SyntheticBiology pmid=17611530</biblio> And guess what happens!

  1. Ball P. Synthetic biology: designs for life. Nature. 2007 Jul 5;448(7149):32-3. DOI:10.1038/448032a | PubMed ID:17611530 | HubMed [SyntheticBiology]

Where do you find the PubMed ID? Just search for the paper in PubMed and it'll be there! Isn't this convenient...? Or not...?

Images, Files and Uploading


There is an "upload file" option somewhere on your screen, click on it and you'll be prompted to "upload" some file! The "Destination Filename" would be the ultimate name of your file or image, so don't make it too obscure!
I have already uploaded My_adorable_sheepy.gif‎‎ onto wikipedia!
Note: If the filename is already used, Wiki will ask you whether you would like to overwrite the current one

Embedding Images

To put My_adorable_sheepy.png‎ on the website such that everyone can see it, all that is required is [[Image:My_adorable_sheepy.gif‎]]! Look! Isn't it cute?
My adorable sheepy.gif

Of course... if you want it to look more scientific, you could always add a frame to it with [[Image:My_adorable_sheepy.gif|frame]], and it'll align it to the right for you too!

My adorable sheepy.gif

If frames are still not enough, you can add more caption after the frams! [[Image:My_adorable_sheepy.gif|frame|This sheep is not cloned]]...

This sheep is not cloned

Other interesting things will include creating a gigantic sheep [[Image:My_adorable_sheepy.gif|100px]]My adorable sheepy.gif
There are loads more you can do with images, so try it out yourself! If you ever feel that there's enough text beside the images, you can use the command <br clear="all"> to move all the following text after the image!

Linking to Other Files

Say, if you have a powerpoint or a paper that you want to post on Wiki, you can always upload it for others to download! But what sort of link do you create? Instead of Image:, use Media:... for example, [[Media:Example_of_an_empty_file.txt|A boring paper]] and it'll come out as: A boring paper


It's too complicated...


Ben Yi Tew 21:09, 11 July 2007 (EDT): Writing your signature is as easy as writing ~~~~
Ben Yi Tew: If you think that just your name is sufficient, then all you need is ~~~
21:09, 11 July 2007 (EDT): If you only want a time stamp, then you should write ~~~~~

Talk Page

We all have a talk page... my talk page is at User_talk:Ben_Yi_Tew, so feel free to spam me 24/7! There should be a My Talk button somewhere on the page which drags you towards your talk page and nudges you to message someone...

Editing Resources

Two main places to go to if you're stuck while editing something or forgot the code that creates a certain effect...
OWW Help Page
Wikimedia Help Page
Then again, just ask the person beside you, he/she probably would know!

Okay, the 'hidden' anchor wasn't too hard to find...