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Day 16: UV testing and Electrode Cutting

  • Today is day 16 and today we did UV on our 4 samples of 6D, 7D, 8D, and 10D which have new basic pH's. Try 6D had too high of an intensity even though it was initially diluted to a five to one ratio. It has been farther diluted to a 10 to 1 ratio. Try 7D and 8D and 10D worked with the 5 to 1 dilution and there was gold nanoparticles present within these three. The one that seemed to work the best was 6D since the intensity was so high but it also produced the most gold nanoparticles. In addition to this when observing we discovered that we only had 1 out of the 4 fibers fibers for our SEM imaging (sample 4 for 24 hours) as the others disappeared. We then cut 18 electrodes that were made yesterday and then inserted fibers into sample 1 (48 hours), 2 (48 hours), and 3 (24 hours) for the fibers that we had lost so that hopefully when we take them out they will be coated and can be tested. In addition to these we also put electrodes into our 6D, 7D, 8D and 10D samples but we decided to do 4 electrodes into each so that we can take each electrode out at different times 24 hr, 48 hr, 72 hr or 96 hr.