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This extension enables chat on the wiki using phpfreechat. A special page is added at Special:Chat. Also, all pages have an extra chat tab added that automatically takes people into a room of the given name.


A global object $wgWikiChat is defined. Variables that can be set:

  • $wgWikiChat->phpfreechat: relative location of the phpfreechat.class.php file. This will be included by php so should be relative to the php search path. Default is "phpfreechat/src/phpfreechat.class.php".
  • $wgWikiChat->defaultrooms: array of default rooms to have all users enter. The default is array("Lounge").
  • $wgWikiChat->params: array of params for phpfreechat (read the manual for phpfreechat). Default parameters are set for most parameters from wiki parameters. For example, the chat nick name for a user is the same as their user name on the wiki. Two parameters that probably need to be set or checked at least are the "theme_default_url" and the "data_public_url" which should be urls that point to the right places in the phpfreechat source directories.

To change the help text that appears under the chat window, edit MediaWiki:Wikichat-text.


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