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Allow a single instance of MediaWiki to serve as the authentication authority for a related set of MediaWiki installations.

In OpenWetWare (OWW), this system is used to allow the main OWW MediaWiki server to contain the user credentials for private instances of MediaWiki. A username from the OWW server is seeded with each new instance of MediaWiki to serve as the 'bureaucrat', or "super user". That user has sole access to the private instance of MediaWiki until he/she grants access to other members of OWW to join the private wiki.

This system uses the OpenID standard to provide all authentication. By using OWW as the authentication hub, other applications can also allow OWW to manage user registration. Currently, there are no other applications working with OWW credentials. However, WordPress MU integration is planned. OpenWetWare supports several blogs using WordPress MU.