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My interest is in building products for biologists through the integration of advanced optical and electronic devices with microfluidics technology.

This is my me and my mum in my earlier days

  • 2011

"Polymer Based Chemical Delivery to Multichannel Capillary Patterned Cells" Sung Hoon Lee, Austen James Heinz, Sung-Eun Choi, Wook Park, and Sunghoon Kwon [Lab on a Chip ]

  • 2010

"Free-floating amphiphilic femtoliter droplet carriers for multiplexed liquid loading in a microfluidic channel" Submitted. Wook Park, Sangkwon Han, Hosuk Lee, Austen James Heinz and Sunghoon Kwon

"Optofluidic Maskless in-situ Fabrication of a Nanoporous Charge Selective Hydrogel for High Yield DNA Preconcentration" Submitted. Hyoki Kim, Junhoi Kim, Eun-Geun Kim, Austen James Heinz, Honggu Chun,, Sunghoon Kwon [Biomicrofluidics]

"Active Guidance of 3D Microstructures" Sung Hoon Lee, Sung-Eun Choi, Austen James Heinz, Wook Park, Sangkwon Han, Yoonseok Jung, and Sunghoon Kwon [Small]

"Capillary based patterning of cellular communities in laterally open channels" Sung Hoon Lee, Austen James Heinz, Sunghwan Shin, Yong-Gyun Jung, Sung-Eun Choi, Wook Park, Jung-Hye Roe and Sunghoon Kwon, [Analytical Chemistry]