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Adam Arkin

Associate Professor of Bioengineering, U.C. Berkeley
Faculty Scientist, Physical Biosciences, LBNL
Director, Virtual Institute of Microbial Stress and Survival


Mail to:
Department of Bioengineering
717 Potter Street, Room 257
University of California
Berkeley, CA, 94710


Physical Biosciences Division
E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, MS 977-257
Berkeley, CA 94720

V: 510-495-2366
F: 510-486-6219

Gwyneth A. Terry
V: 510-495-2116

SynBERC Activities

Tumor Destroying Bacterium
Construction Optimization Group

Lab Interests

The Arkin laboratory seeks to uncover the evolutionary design principles of cellular networks and populations and to exploit them for applications. To do so they are developing a framework to effectively combine comparative functional genomics, quantitative measurement of cellular dynamics, biophysical modeling of cellular networks, and cellular circuit design to ultimately facilitate applications in health, the environment, and bioenergy.


  • Design of therapeutic organisms
  • Quantitative dynamics of HIV gene expression and GPCR and bacterial stress response networks.
  • Evolutionary game theory as a means of understanding optimal design of cellular behaviors and networks.
    • The role of noise and memory in optimal strategies.
  • Homogeneous, scalable parts design for synthetic biological applications.
  • Optimal experimental design for identification and characterization of cellular networks.
  • Theory and software for forward and reverse engineering cellular systems.
  • Comparative functional genomics and genetics of microbes to discover principles of their evolution, selected behaviors, and factorable functions.