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New solutions

Every time I have to remake these things, I always forget how bloody long it takes. So far I have prepared:

  • PEM
  • HPEM
  • alpha-PEM
  • alpha-HPEM

I decided to make some 1.0 mg/mL alpha casein in HPEM since I have the resources to do it and, I made two mixers to stir in the casein at the same time.

Yes, those are two computer fans with magnets stuck on them. They are being controlled by two DC motor controllers and are powered by an old computer power supply. They work great except for the hard start from the fans.

The next things to accomplish today will be to make

  • PEM-A
  • PEM-Glu
  • God
  • Cat

which I should be able to finish if no problems occur.