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Reusable flow cell

After letting the reusable flow cell sit on the counter of the weekend, there has been minimal evaporation. I am very impressed with this new setup and I look forward to using it in experiments.

New water isotope study

The new study will try to look at the old data I took but to do it in one flow cell. There are problems with this as I have no clue as if or when the flow cell passivation will undergo a breakdown. In other words, passivation will fail and all the kinesin and passivation will flow ou t of the chamber.

As a first test to this new setup would be to make a flow cell like I normally would and then "seal" it with the static vinyl. Take data as I normally would and see if the data matches what I would get with the nail polish.

Once I have determined that this new setup is equivalent to the old setup, I can try multiple fluid exchanges with one flow cell. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get to this experiment today as there is a ton of setup for it.


To prepare for this experiment, I have to:

  1. Change the bulb in the mercury lamp.
  2. Make new antifade.
  3. Order new passivation chemicals.
    • Done.
  4. Order new antifade chemicals.
    • Done.
  5. Make new flow cells.
  6. Re-epoxy thermistor to the objective.
    • Done.

I think for this experiment I will use the Prior fiber coupled light source. The bulb did need to be replaced though. I think that I'll first make sure that everything works with the Hg bulb first. Then I'll try it with the new light source as the new light source gives off less heat.