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10% HPEM 3rd try

There was some breakage initially but I didn't start taking data until 2:40 in. There is still breakage however in the 1st ROI so I moved it. Even after moving it, there was breakage.

In the 2nd ROI, things are moving better so I would think that the MTs won't break up. Nope. They are still breaking up.

In the 3rd ROI, there are more MTs gliding and some breakage. I'm glad I made more antifade. I'm curious to see if at some point this assay starts working. The temperature of the objective seems to be stable. There was significant less breakage in this ROI.

In the 4th ROI, still some breakage but even less than the 3rd ROI. I know my Taxol is good since it froze overnight.

In the 5th ROI, there was one possible breakage. I think I saw it in my peripheral.

The 6th ROI showed no breakage.

20% 2nd try

Aside from having the slide not flush to the objective, this 1st ROI looks great. I'm glad I made more antifade as I think that's what the problem was in the 10% assay.

20% HPEM 3rd try

Yep. No problems here.

80% HPEM 3rd try

Things are moving slowly but everything looks okay.

30% HPEM 2nd try

Looks good!

I did get a bit too excited and have the 1st ROI and the 2nd ROI as the same region. I'll move the slide in the 3rd.

30% HPEM 3rd try

Again, it looks great!

40% HPEM 3rd try

Moving forward. There is breakage in the 1st ROI.

60% HPEM 2nd try

No problems here.