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9% O-PEM 3rd try

Final assay run for the 9% guy. No problems at all.

45% 2nd try

Again, there is breakups in the 1st ROI. I moved to a different FOV and things are moving better. Some breaking going on but, definitely not as bad as the first FOV.

The 2nd ROI looks great. Except near the end of the time.

I'm not sure what is going on with the breakings. So, I moved the slide a decent amount away from the 1st and 2nd ROI. Still in the center of the flow cell however.

No problems here in the 3rd ROI. I do see one MT that has a tail on its minus end which is uncharacteristic.

45% 3rd try

Using the same motility assay as in the 2nd run. No real problems here.

81% 3rd try

Three different days, two different kinesin aliquots. I did have to stop this assay between the 1st and 2nd ROIs because I didn't put the slide on the holder properly. This lead to a portion of the FOV to be blurry.

Yeah. I'm super happy the computer decided to crash while I was taking data. No bother, just the last 2 data points I'm going to redo.

72% 2nd try

No problems.

72% 3rd try

No problems except the 1st ROI.

18% 3rd try

Again with the bad 1st ROI.

36% 2nd try

No problems here.

36% 3rd try

Yeah. Almost done.

27% 3rd try

No problems.

54% 2nd try

Same issue with the 1st ROI.

54% 3rd try

Same motility solution as the one above.