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Lab notebook of Andy Maloney

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Today Nadia and I discussed some things about my kinesin and microtubules page. It was very informative and I have a lot of work to do with it in order to make it usable.

We also attempted to clean some microscope slides and slips in the steel racks we got a while ago. We started with a 1% solution of Alconox and sonicated them for 480s. This caused a lot of soap to stick to the slides. I purchased a different rack that will fit in the sonicator and hopefully it will help me since we will be able to put the lid on the thing. We decided that some more investigation is needed on cleaning slides with soap and a sonicator. Perhaps we aren't using the right soap, or too much of it.

Finally, figured out a way to have several cameras looking at the tobacco seeds in different types of water. Larry finished the time lapsed camera setup and I purchased 5 USB cameras for $2 a pop. When they arrive, we should be able to have this experiment completely automated so we can set it and forget it.