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Whole Casein Aug 07

  • Movie 01
    • The only odd thing about this one is that there is one MT that must hit something because it smoothly exits the surface of the slide.
  • Movie 02
    • There is a small stuck MT at the bottom of the FOV.
    • At the end of the movie, there is one MT with a tail towards the bottom right.
    • I got a minus end lander. (A MT that lands on the surface with its minus end leading it.)
  • Movie 03
    • There are several minus end landers.
    • It appears to have a Taxol crystal in the upper right hand corner.
  • Movie 04
    • There is a counter clockwise circling MT.
    • More minus end landers.
  • Movie 05
    • There is a tail segment that is furiously spinning counter clockwise. It then moves into solution and appears to fall back to the surface. But, it starts to move clockwise. Top of the movie.
    • More minus end landers.
  • Movie 06
    • More minus end landers.
    • There are more MTs that look like they are squiggling.
  • Movie 07
    • Nothing of real merit here. Just that this one looks a little jerky with the frame rate.
  • Movie 12
    • There is one MT that is rather long but it keeps going in a counter clockwise circle.
  • Movie 13
    • Typically at this point in the assay, I don't get very many landers but, in this one, I did get a couple. Both minus end leading.
  • Movie 14
    • There is a stuck one that is fishtailing.
    • There is also one that has it's plus end in solution and spinning counter clockwise.
    • There is a tail in the bottom left corner spinning clockwise.