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Whole casein data

I have 3 good data sets where I have temperature stabilization for the objective and all using whole casein as the passivator.

  • The vertical error bars are SEM for the speed data or the temperature data.
  • The horizontal error bars are the SEM for the time frame in which I took the data for each assay.
  • Each data point is the average of the 3 assay speed measurements.
  • Black data points are the speed of the minus end of the microtubule and go with the left axis.
  • Blue data points are the measured temperature of the objective using a K type thermocouple and go with the right axis.
  • In the raw data, I removed the first 4 data points as I have already found out that there is still some temperature/speed increase in the assays for the first 10 minutes or so. I'm justified in doing this since all the "raw" speed data for each assay level of very well after the first 4 data points. Something like +/- 20 nm/s.
  • In the raw data I did notice that there was an overall trend of speed reduction in the assays. In other words, assay 1 was faster than assay2 and assay 2 was faster than assay 3. Not sure where this is coming from but since I know that the light does affect measurements, it may be coming from the fact that I changed bulbs.
  • Of the 3 assays, I only have temperature data for 2 of them. Although, from the graph you can see that the temperature is pretty stable. I still need to determine if this is stable enough. For instance, does the gliding speed increase dramatically with a 0.1C temperature increase or is it okay. If it doesn't, then my stabilization setup is going to work just fine. If not, then I will have to figure something else out.
  • I should point out that data was taken on June 15, June 21, and June 28. June 15 & 21 used the same kinesin aliquot while June 28 used a different aliquot.