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To do

The heavy water experiments I am going to do will look at speed effects on gliding microtubules for varying amounts of heavy water in the assay. The heavy water I speak of is D2O in this experiment.

  • 0%-"100%" D2O in increments of 10. Also looking at speed affects over time.

The other heavy water I speak of is heavy oxygen water. I have just purchased H218O water from Sigma and since this stuff is so expensive, I plan on doing fewer increments since I am only getting 1g of it to start with. Dr. Koch and I talked and he suggested that this water be placed in the motility solution only. I will probably do the following concentrations.

  • 5%, 25%, 75% just to see what happens.

The final water experiment that needs to be done is that for deuterium depleted water. For this one I think I will only do a 5% and a 90(or so)% assay only in the motility solution again.